Generally speaking, the toughest markets for drug rehabs and medical detox centers (including sober living & addiction recovery homes) to market themselves on the web tends to be: Florida, California, Arizona, Pennsylvania and several others…



Web Marketing and SEO, PPC, Social Media, and Internet Advertising for Substance Abuse and Drug RehabsEffective internet marketing is comprised of a complex set of tasks; it’s not just SEO (search engine optimization) or just social media posts or just any one or two things. These days, the process of web optimization has expanded tremendously from the days of keyword stuffing and other similar techniques that nowadays are generally frowned upon.

When it comes to such organizations like drug rehab centers, medical detox facilities, sober living homes and even private practitioners like recovery/sober coaches, therapists, psychologists and so forth, there is most definitely enormous variation in search competition from state to state and city to city. Additionally, while addiction treatment falls under the mental health recovery category, it is actually far more difficult to do SEO (and web marketing in general) for addiction treatment services than it is for that of mental health recovery facilities. Why? Because it all comes down to money, and drug & alcohol treatment centers generally have much more to spend on internet marketing than do mental health facilities.

Geographically speaking, there is enormous variation in difficulty when it comes to marketing such services throughout the internet. As you consider some of the world’s most populated regions with respect to addiction treatment, mental health and sober living-recovery housing options, it is important to realize this competitive reality exists both physically as well as on the internet, which is why so many recovery centers and services will opt for PPC/pap-per-click (i.e., Google AdWords) advertising rather than devoting many months or even years to traditional organic and local search engine optimization. The states best known for their extreme competition among drug & alcohol treatment services are generally considered to be: California, Florida, Arizona, Texas and Pennsylvania, though there are several others as well.

There are several reasons as to why these particular states have so many treatment centers and other recovery services. In fact it is believed that Delray Beach, Florida has more drug rehabs and sober living homes per capita than any other city in the world. It is also believed that Los Angeles County has over 500 sober livings and other types of halfway houses & recovery residences, though many are of course quite shady. However as for why these states are so heavily populated with such services, much of it has to do with population, prevalence of drugs, population of people in higher socioeconomic classes, zoning and licensure laws, and several others.

With respect to the types of treatment and recovery centers most prevalent to these states, we see many higher-end and luxury addiction treatment and recovery support services (i.e., sober living homes, therapists, mental health professionals, psychologists, etc.) in states like California, Florida, Texas and Arizona. Meanwhile in states like Pennsylvania and Minnesota we tend to see more mid-level rehabs and such, however this is just our experience with web marketing clients and by no means is verified in any capacity.

Addiction Web Marketing Pros specializes in working with facilities and services that are either PPO out-of-network, private-pay or a combination of both. In a few past cases we have worked with medical detox and drug-alcohol treatment centers that are in-network with some of the nation’s larger private health insurance companies. However these facilities generally stay quite full in lieu of the referrals they receive by the insurance companies.

Regardless of whether a facility or service is located in a highly competitive state or not, we are very good at creating strong web exposure and do it in a way that retains strong traction, thus not losing all the ground we gained on the client’s behalf. From professional web design to local & organic SEO, social media marketing marketing and even specialized PPC (pay-per-click) advertising and so much more, we only work with clients in the addiction & mental health industries and perform 100% of work in-house (never ever sub-contracting out to cheap labor countries like India or Malaysia).

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