The Most Competitive Markets for Drug Rehab & Sober Living

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Generally speaking, the toughest markets for drug rehabs and medical detox centers (including sober living & addiction recovery homes) to market themselves on the web tends to be: Florida, California, Arizona, Pennsylvania and several others...     Effective internet marketing is comprised of a complex set of tasks; it's not just SEO (search engine optimization) [...]

Local vs. Organic Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for Web Marketing

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Important information on "Local SEO" vs. "Organic SEO" and how it applies to web marketing for addiction treatment, sober living, drug rehabs, etc.   The world of web marketing, SEO (search engine optimization), social media and so forth has dramatically changed since the days of "You've got mail" (the days when AOL was the almighty [...]

SEO for Drug Rehabs and Addiction Treatment Services

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Why is SEO (search engine optimization) so unique when marketing drug rehabs, sober living recovery homes and other addiction treatment & mental health services?   For those of you out there familiar with the world of substance abuse treatment and related mental health & addiction recovery services, you're probably quite in tune with its many [...]