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Experience “The Curve” – From status quo web exposure into the realm of advanced, fluid and customized business development successes…

A Leader in Vision and Forward-Thinking Internet ExposureSo until now you’ve read all about how great we are and how most clients come to us by direct referral. Maybe you’re intrigued by our unusually high retention rate, or our contract-free, performance-based campaigns or who knows what. Ultimately, when the rubber meets the road, there remains a distinguishing characteristic that is at the very core of who we are and how we operate…

QUESTION: When you or another clinician or support staff at your organization is working with a struggling patient, do you follow the standards of practice and then simply call it quits, regardless of how the patient responds to your particular approach? Or rather, do you go above and beyond and exhaust every available tool, every possible approach, and everything that you as a professional know to be in the patient’s best interests? If yes, then you understand what it means to live and operate above the curve – that always fluid line that differentiates excellence from the status quo.

NOW ASK YOUR WEB MARKETING TEAM a few quick questions that may help you ascertain whether they too operate above the curve:

  • Are they actively utilizing tools such as, rich snippets and accelerated mobile pages (AMP)?
  • Are they using appropriate title, description and header tags on your primary pages (the ones in top navigation)? And have them explain the parameters to which they are using them by.
  • Ask them if they know what the “3-pack” is and if they can describe to you the importance of “NAP” within the process of getting you seen in the 3-pack (HINT: it has to do with getting you found at the top of page #1 search results under Google Maps).
  • Request detailed analysis on your site’s analytics with respect to bounce rate, unique vs. return views and acquisition breakdown – ultimately examining the site’s growth throughout various aspects.

We could go on and on endlessly with such pertinent questions, many of which are quite foreign to lots of seemingly established firms out there. Surprisingly, overlooking or avoiding such critical components often comes down to laziness and apathy, rather than ignorance or anything of the sort. They either do just enough to keep you from seeking an alternative provider, or they continuously bring up new matters of urgency that serve to prolong your SEO progress indefinitely. You keep paying & paying, and searching & searching, yet never quite seem to find yourself coming up on search results as initially promised. Keep in mind that no SEO firm worth their salt will ever, ever make results based promises, such as assuring you page #1 presence on SERP’s (search engine results pages), whether on local or organic listings. Given that Google, Bing and Yahoo dictate the terms of their own search algorithms, and can freely make changes as they wish, it is considered very irresponsible to assure a client concrete results like this when the SEO provider knows all too well that they do not ultimately control these parameters.

Far be it for us to tell you how to run your digital marketing. Some facilities in fact are perfectly content spending 8 or 10 thousand dollars per month on Google/Bing AdWords (pay-per-click) and could honestly care less about their organic and local search results. If however you’re sick of partnering with a firm that is content in operating below the curve, and of whom is apathetic as to whether you remain with them over the long haul or not, then we encourage you to RE-FRAME and RE-DEFINE your standards for success…


AWMP | Redefining the Web Marketing & Exposure Curve

Addiction Web Marketing Pros has a steadfast motto here in the office, it goes: “Exhaust Every Variable.” Simply put, we maximize every possible tool within the scope of each particular objective. For instance, based on today’s best practices in organic SEO, the optimal length for a page title tag is 60 to 65 characters (including spaces). This is an incredibly important snippet of text, and to merely fill it with 35 characters of text is an enormous waste! Now will this one title tag be the make or break factor within your overall SEO success? Of course not, but that’s the same loser mindset that folks use when, for instance, their laziness needs justification as to why they shouldn’t bother voting in an election, or why it’s no use helping an addict with a bad history of relapse. We are winners here at AWMP, and winners exhaust all variables within their power. If this means that you’ll cancel our services once we get you to the top of page #1 search results, then so be it…we know who you’ll call when your competition starts taking back the real estate you took from them.

Winners consistently operate above the curve, even when they’re tired and it’s been a long day. They do not dilly dally nor bring up fictitious urgent tasks in order to pad the bill and lengthen the contract. Winners think outside the box while also maximizing everything they can inside of it. Are they perfect? No. Do they make the occasional mistake? Sure, they’re human, but winners will stand up and own it, and then they’ll make it right! We are Addiction Web Marketing Pros and we are a team of winners – 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

When you’re ready to COMMAND THE WEB give us a call 7 days a week at (800) 894-1735.


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