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Specialized Web Designed, Content Creation, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Social Media Management, Ad Management and all related facets involving effective business development via the web – designed for and provided exclusively to the Behavioral Health & Addiction Treatment Industry.

Custom Web Design for Drug Treatment, Sober Livings and Mental Health Recovery Services

Not “Just” a Website…

…but a website that is built specifically to appeal to your target audience, of which is designed to simultaneously inform, enlighten, impress, and ultimately convey that what you offer is the right course of treatment for them or their loved one.

Web Design

SEO - Search Engine Optimization for the Substance Abuse Treatment and Behavioral Health Recovery Industry

Strategic Organic & Local SEO

Utilizing a vast expertise in addiction & mental health treatment services, along with the latest in organic and local SEO algorithms and industry best practices, what we do entails generating high-quality, traction-based SEO designed to annihilate your competition.

Organic & Local SEO

Social Media Optimization for Therapists, Recovery Homes, Drug Rehabs and Sober Caches

Social Media with a Purpose

We don’t just do social media for the sake of doing it, we do it with multiple objectives in mind.  From branding to business development to building referral avenues and beyond, we engage and represent your organization with success in mind.

Social Media

A to Z Web Exposure for Addiction Treatment and Mental Health Recovery

A to Z Web Exposure for YOU

Utilizing our vast expertise in the fields of addiction & mental health treatment marketing, along with every tool in our tech and IT arsenal, we’ll utilize every potential web acquisition stream within the scope of that which applies to YOUR demographic.

A to Z Web Success

Affordable PPC pay-per-click and AdWords for the Chemical Dependency Treatment Industry

Better Clicks for Less Money

When you deal with a web marketing firm that works exclusively within your industry, and which knows every trend, analytic and industry-related emergence as it pertains to your demographic, it’s amazing how your ROI for paid ads & listings can shift.

Paid Ad Management

Online Videos, Press Releases, Articles, Citations and Full Web Presence for SEO

A Ubiquitous Web Presence!

From complete online reputation management services to web based press releases, informational articles, wiki citations, branding, re-branding, and an entire host of exposure avenues designed to create a strategically ubiquitous web presence.

A Ubiquitous Web Presence


Ron Prosky - CEO at Addiction Web Marketing ProsHello there, my name is Ron Prosky and I am the founder and executive director of Addiction Web Marketing Pros.  I am the one who sets the standards for work product excellence and service commitment; and it is me who assures each and every client that when you call into our lines it will never forward to some random call center in the Philippines or an unmonitored VoiP voicemail in the Ukraine or who knows where. It will ring my phone or someone I designate worthy of your time and our excellence, regardless of whether it is 4:00am on a Sunday or lunchtime on a Wednesday.

My professional career in behavioral health web marketing stems back to my days at Sober Nexus in 2008.  It was subsequent to several experiences in 2010 that a stark realization hit me, it was the realization that the world of web design, marketing and SEO is not exactly known for its integrity, unfortunately. As a matter of fact, if I had a nickel for every “twenty-thousand-dollars-down-the-tubes” horror story I’ve heard from clients over the years, I’d be doing macrame and learning hula on the sands of Antigua right now.

So in a nutshell, here’s the deal on who we are and how we work: At any given time about 85% of our clients come to us by direct referral, and there are various reasons as to why this is.  From total transparency to work product excellence to communication, affordability, a performance-based & contract-free environment, and basically applying the principles of recovery in everything we do here, AWMP is anything but your typical firm. More important though, we know the mental health and addiction treatment industry from a web marketing perspective unlike anyone else.  We’re not building a website for a glue factory today and a taxidermist tomorrow; we only work within our specialty and thus know every nook and cranny, every nuance, every therapy type and treatment modality, industry and clinical advancement, accreditation, health insurance standards, licensure variations, holistic, luxury & executive components, 12-Step vs. non 12-Step and much, much more… But best of all, we know your audience, we know what they’re looking for, and we know how to present what you offer while in an informative, inviting, professional and very effective manner.

Whether you are new to the world of web development & marketing or transitioning from a prior bad experience, you have my personal assurance that AWMP will help you to redefine the concept of “Excellence & Integrity Within the Web Exposure Space.” I invite you to give us a call 7 days a week at (800) 894-1735 or email me personally at and find out more about us…

Quote from Addiction Web Marketing Pros

Testimonials and Reviews on the Best Web Marketing Design and SEO Companies

(Yes, real testimonials…from real people and real companies)

The first time I called and spoke with Ron, I was literally laying awake nights worrying about my new sober living residence. I was a small fish in the huge pond of high-end, upscale sober livings & recovery homes in Los Angeles, CA. I remember him uttering these words during our first chat, “Don’t worry Brian, I got ya buddy.” It’s been just over a year and I’ve now grown into 3 locations and a 4th on the way, and I’m usually on a waiting list! He completely took ownership of the matter and re-instilled my faith that great web marketing companies still exist…thanks Ron 🙂

We came in off a bad experience initially, and Ron totally came through for us in terms of creating the website, and more importantly in creating and managing an amazing SEO campaign. Most important though is that he is almost always there for us, no matter when, and that type of reliability and integrity is just as important as their efficacy. In our industry, integrity and reliability are everything, and I can assure you, after meeting many people through my clinical experiences, Ron exceeds in both!

Dr. Ronaye Calvert-Conley, REVIVE Detox Center | Los Angeles, CA
We were struggling with outrageous marketing costs and were seeing very poor return on investment. The great thing about these guys is the fact that they can literally do more while spending less! From SEO to PPC and so forth, our entire marketing expense dropped substantially, and yet the results were an immense improvement over the prior web marketing company. I demand the same characteristics that I employ here at our treatment center, and those characteristics are honesty, hard work, smart work, communication and ownership, and that is why we stay with Ron and his team.
We had been successfully operating a network of 9 structured sober livings and addiction recovery homes with no web presence. Then a close friend recommended Ron for a new website and SEO campaign…nothing overly fancy nor too pricey, and Ron and his team totally came through for us. I am someone who believes strongly in putting good out into the world, and my experience shows me that this is a company which operates by similar standards.

I’ve known Ron Prosky since he was a lowly web guy at sober nexus way back in the day. Over the years I have seen him, time and again, follow through with whatever it was he said he was going to do, which is a big deal in the world of web marketing, seo services, etc. What I especially like about him though is that he knows how to take any situation and make it as good as possible given the resources available. As long as Ron Prosky is at the helm of this company, it will consistently generate very happy and loyal clients, as is the case with us!

We used Ron and his company through a direct referral by one of our founding partners who, had a great previous experience with one of his prior recovery homes’ websites and SEO campaigns. We’re still quite new and though I realize that the SEO process in the Southern California treatment market is not an overnight endeavor, we are doing quite well thus far and are very happy with the new website and the overall level of service and professionalism provided by Ron and Addiction Web Marketing Pros. I would definitely recommend them to a friend, colleague or even family member; but if you’re a competitor of ours then I would prefer you use someone else 😉

I parted ways with a prior employer within the realm of addiction recovery housing & sober living in 2013, and my goal was to build something truly special – something that operated by a higher standard of care and integrity, while also employing affordability for the recovering addict/alcoholic. When I initially spoke to Ron about the BlueCove Homes concept and what it was all about, he was totally on board and was very flexible with me given our cost constraints. He explained to me that the first website would be relatively basic, nothing too fancy, and that the majority of the work & resources would be dedicated to the subsequent SEO campaign so that we could focus on being found online. How right he was! It’s now 18 months later and BlueCove Homes has grown from 2 locations to 12 locations…not bad huh? Now granted, much of the success is due to our wonderful team and operational standards in addiction recovery housing, but having Ron Prosky backing us up with a fantastic web presence certainly helps! Today I consider him to be a trusted friend and have consulted with him on a number of critical issues for guidance within the behavioral health treatment space…A++

After devoting the past 10 years to working within the scope of residential/inpatient drug & alcohol treatment, medical detox centers and sober living housing, I decided to follow my dream of starting a firm focusing on recovery and sober coaching, life coaching and private mental health & substance abuse therapy services.  As a private practitioner I obviously don’t have the financial marketing resources as that of a drug rehab facility or sober living residence, nonetheless Ron and his team took me on as a client and created a custom web marketing plan that met my budgetary constraints.  They created my new company website from scratch, did all the design and most of the content, and even created my new logo.  Then they did all of the SEO and social media work, and they even set up and managed a Google PPC (pay-per-click) ad campaign without charging me a single cent extra.  I had gotten several price quotes initially of 5 or 6 thousand dollars for a professional new website, and here they built an awesome new site for me for under $2500, AND had me on page one search results within 3 months of completing the website!  Ron and his team are simply amazing, and they absolutely emulate a sense of integrity, transparency and professionalism that is rarely seen, in any industry – thank you!!!

Alex Birenbaum, MA, CAP, CSAT & Certified Life Coach, PARADIGM Life Coaching Solutions


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