A Full-Scope Web Exposure Solution!

All-encompassing web exposure platform – designed around the needs of drug rehab centers, sober livings and addiction & mental health recovery services.

Online Marketing Services Available at Addiction Web Marketing ProsJust as no two clinical care patients are ultimately alike, so too is it the case that no two treatment centers, sober livings or other recovery services are ultimately alike. Whereas many web design, SEO and marketing firms will tend to go the route of preset packages and pricing plans, our experience with such cookie-cutter approaches is that they often employ outdated methods and generally garner sub-par results. Such menial approaches enable the firm to more easily standardize and simplify the work they do for you, almost like an assembly line, with minimal thought, fluidity and yes, results.

At the start of each new campaign, we look at several key factors and begin molding a multi-faceted web exposure process that will be best positioned to generate strong, quantifiable and progressively expanding results. This is an entirely customized process for each and every client we work with. In fact, it is this very process that is at the heart of our 96% client retention rate, of which over 70% initially come to us by referral!


What Does Our Complete Service Array Entail?

Addiction Web Marketing Pros is an all-inclusive web exposure solution. This essentially means that our clients will rarely need to look beyond our service array with anything web related. From raw coding and singular web design projects, to full-scale, multi-dimensional campaigns involving SEO, PPC, social media, press releases, call control (VOiP), reputation management and far beyond, AWMP is a very robust platform of services and care.

Beyond the service function however, there is a quality that is rarely seen in today’s web marketing world – a quality that we here at Addiction Web Marketing Pros hold near and dear. It is not quantifiable in the monetary sense, but its weight from a trust and peace-of-mind perspective is enormous, and it too is why we are who we are in the minds of our clients.

Our Standard Service Array Consists of:

  • Preliminary web profile setup and oversightSite hosting, server resource allocation, security/SSL, backups/SiteLock, domain privacy, etc.
  • Company email setup and oversight Email client integration DNS/MX and business apps integration, SSL/TSL, signature, forwarding and other standard protocol designation.
  • Complete website builds with preliminary SEO integration From the very first line of code to your overall web exposure approach and philosophy, we customize your new site to meet or exceed numerous objectives, including demographic needs, design & functionality, preliminary SEO elements and more.
  • Call system (VOiP) setup, tracking and oversight – Creating and overseeing a full call control system entailing both toll-free as well as local virtual phone lines, all of which seamlessly forwarding to any combination of cell and/or landline phones for intake.
  • Organic and local SEO (Search Engine Optimization) – Utilizing the very latest in SEO best practices and merging it within our vast expertise in addiction & behavioral health recovery services, everything we do for you is designed around that which will best serve your organic (main page listings) and local (Google Maps & Bing Maps) SEO needs and goals.
  • Content, Content, Content – This is at the very center of effective web exposure processes and approaches, and at AWMP we assure you that not even so much as one word will ever be sub-contracted out, as is so commonly done in the web marketing world.
  • Social media with a purpose – That purpose being to harness the power of effective social signals within today’s SEO algorithms, thereby building upon your brand while simultaneously improving local & organic SEO.
  • Pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns that work better while costing less – Yes it’s true, and there are a number of reasons as to why it is the case…and best of all, we don’t charge a PPC service fee for our current SEO clients!
  • Email and ad services – From customized email blasts to our growing database of over 5,500 current industry contacts, to banner ads, contextual advertising on social media and premium listings within a network of recovery related websites, we are the benchmark for excellence and ROI.
  • Logo design, graphics and marketing materials – Whether it’s for the web or intended to be used as printed marketing assets for your business development team, we’ve got you covered from A to Z.
  • Analytics, competitive analysis and reputation management – We’ll even coach you on how to best ensure you’ll least likely receive the occasional negative review online.
  • Think tanking and outside-the-box marketing – Are you a world renowned concierge treatment provider geared for society’s top 1 percent?  If so then you’re probably well aware of the reality that traditional web marketing may often times not suffice, and that is where our expertise comes into play.
  • Optimized press releases, articles, videos, etc. – From onsite optimization to web-wide exposure within a targeted perspective, AWMP knows what works and what doesn’t!
  • AND MORE . . .


Welcome to Addiction Web Marketing Pros

As mentioned on our homepage, we’re not building a website for a glue factory today and doing SEO for a taxidermist tomorrow. Our focus is singular in nature and highly effective in process. More important however, is the fact that we view each client individually and create customized campaigns based entirely on what will work best for them. For instance, while a holistic or clinically advanced Malibu, CA drug rehab center might benefit more from an in-depth referral-avenue development campaign on LinkedIn, an affordable IOP in Phoenix, AZ will most surely benefit more through an intense “Local SEO” campaign focusing on Google Maps, Bing Places for Business and Yahoo Local.  Why?  Call us and we’ll explain…

No matter where you are in the web marketing process, we encourage you to call us and see why it is that we consistently exceed a 95% retention rate among clients.

When you’re ready to COMMAND THE WEB give us a call 7 days a week at (800) 894-1735.


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